5 weeks old Boxador Puppies for Sale

Price: 250 $

I've Boxer / Labrador mixed puppies looking to go home. They're now 5 weeks old. Boxador puppies are going to get all th...

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  • Published: October 22, 2019


    I've Boxer / Labrador mixed puppies looking to go home. They're now 5 weeks old. Boxador puppies are going to get all the shots before they go to their new home. Being raised around children, very playful with a lot of energy. The rehoming fee is $250. For more information, please contact me.

    There are two breeds that are known for their love of children; the Labrador and the Boxer. These two breeds are known for their loyalty, and playful attitudes. The Labrador is a working breed, best known for retrieving and hunting and for their charming personalities, non aggressive tendencies, and ability to withstand ear tugging from children. The Boxer is more standoffish, preferring the company of his own family to that of strangers, who he is wary of. When you put these two breeds together you are creating the ultimate family pet; the Boxador will be superior in it's ability to tolerate little children, fantastic with families and easy to train. They will be loyal, and loving at all times and will have zero aggression issues when trained well. The Boxador will be energetic, but not out of control and the perfect companion.

    The hybrid Boxador puppy will have short, coarse, easy to manage hair with minimal shedding. These dogs will live to roughly thirteen years, and require plenty of room to run and play. Both breeds are large, and wouldn't do best in an apartment setting; males can weigh up to ninety pounds (females always weigh less) Coloring and physical characteristics can vary; black and tan are common colors for this hybrid breed, and some puppies are born with white markings on their face. On occasion they come in brindle [like a Boxer] and have strong, intelligent square shaped faces that give them a tough appearance. Too bad they are mush balls on the inside!

    Both the Boxer, and Labrador are prone to a few genetic disorders; cancer in the Boxer is common, as well as hip dysplasia, and ear infections. Your Boxador should not pass on any of these issues if bred correctly. Hybrid dogs are created to phase out the issues that pure bred dogs may have. We do encourage you to feed your new Boxadoor puppy all natural, healthy food since this breed can gain weight if not fed a steady, healthy diet.

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